How to Kill Deathsquitos in Valheim

Deathsquitos can be pretty deadly in Valheim If you don’t have proper protection against them. In this guide, we will tell you how you can protect yourself against Deathsquitos and how to kill Deathsquitos in Valheim. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into it.

How to Kill Deathsquitos in Valheim

Deathsquitos are fast and deadly; Essentially, death on wings! These pesky bugs are as annoying as they are deadly, but they are not immortal. We will explain to you how to be best prepared to slay them.

How to Fight

Silver Armor is the only thing that will effectively protect you against the Deathsquitos. If you don’t have it, don’t even bother going near them.

Deathsquitos are small creatures and have extremely low health but can deal a great amount of damage to their enemies.

There are different ways through which you can kill these sneaky creatures:

  • Before you decide to head into Plain biomes, make sure you have Silver armor and weapons against Deathsquitos to survive.
  • They can be easily spotted because of their buzzing sound.
  • Make sure you have fine enough shield and armor to stand a chance against Deathsquitos.
  • Even with good armor, there is still a chance that Deathsquitos can deal you some damage, so be careful.
  • Use ranged attacks to take them down; only use melee if you have no other options.
  • Try and kill them before they can get any hits on you at all; they have a low health pool, so you can reliably do this.

Deathsquitos Locations

Deathsquitos can be found in Plains Biomes along with Fuling mobs. You will die instantly If you don’t have protection against them, so make sure you have your silver armor on, as mentioned above.

If you’re in need of needles, then you can reliably farm them by looking around the Plains for deathsquitos and killing a bunch of them.

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