How to Increase Kubfu Friendship Quickly in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

This Pokemon Sword and Shield Kubfu Friendship Guide will let you know all the ways that you can use to increase your friendship easily and as quickly as possible with Kubfu.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Kubfu Friendship

Increasing your friendship level with a Pokemon has a couple of advantages that aid their performance in battle and ultimately contribute to your success in the game.

A Pokemon with high friendship levels has a greater chance of dodging the opponent’s attacks. It may also be able to survive a fatal blow from the opponent Pokemon and be left with 1 HP just to carry the battle one turn longer.

Additionally, a high friendship level gives you a greater critical hit chance, dealing more damage to the opponent Pokemon.

How to Raise Friendship Level

The following are all the ways that you can use to improve Kubfu’s Friendship Level with you.

Feed it good food
You can cook special curry for Kubfu to charm it; this is an effective way of improving the Friendship Level. Apart from that, you can avoid feeding it bitter food so it does not become estranged with you.

Use Friendship Boosting Berries
Certain fruits and berries are very effective at increasing the friendship level in a matter of seconds and should work on Kubfu as well.

But they come at cost of lowering your other stats such as Sp. Defense.

One such option is the Tomato Berry that is found on an island in the Workout Sea where a Ditto Den is located as well.

These berries are the best option to instantly raise friendship by about 20% per berry. Other options include Greppa Berries, but they lower the Sp. Def stats while increasing friendship.

Battle it with other Pokemon in your party
This will increase its trust level and friendship with you and the rest of the party. But you have to be careful not to let it faint during the battle; it may have adverse effect on the friendship level.

Have Kubfu accompany you wherever you go
Bring Kubfu up to the front of your party list, this will make him walk beside you at all times.

You can have him visit new areas and tourist locations; those marked with an exclamation mark on the map, this’ll be especially beneficial to the friendship level.

Interact with Kubfu at the Pokemon Camp
This is another friendship improving activity. When at the Pokemon Camp, you can go and interact with your Pokemon to easily raise your friendship.

Take out some toys to play with
Whenever you get the chance to. Pokemon love it when the trainers play with them. There are a number of toys that you can use to play with the Pokemon.

Soothe Bell is one quite effective choice. You can hand it to Kubfu to raise its friendship level.

Catch them with Friendship Ball
Pokemon caught using the friendship ball have a higher friendship level to start with immediately after they are caught. You can use this to catch Pokemon to get a boost up.

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