How to Increase Inventory Size in Days Gone

Increasing Deacon’s Inventory Space in Days Gone is one of the most important things you need to do in the game. Having the ability to hold different crafting materials, scrap, and healing items is paramount when it comes to surviving the game’s world.

Increase Inventory Size in Days Gone

Inventory size in Days Gone isn’t the best and you’ll often find yourself running out of space. However, this can obviously be changed. Deacon relies on two Survival skills.

Inventory capacity can be increased by obtaining these two skills i.e. one for ammo and the other one for equipment like crafting material.

How to Increase?

In order to increase Deacon’s inventory size in Days Gone, you’ll have to purchase skills that enable you to store extra equipment.

You’ll have to buy the skill called “Carry that Weight”. This will help you carry double the amount of crafting material. On the other hand, ammo capacity can be increased by purchasing the skill “Up the Ante”.

This helps to increase ammo capacity of all weapons. After these upgrades, Deacon won’t have to return to base to retrieve ammo and supplies. Deacon can now carry:

  • x20 Pieces of Scrap
  • x6 of Each type of Grenades
  • x6 Pieces of Traps
  • A lot of Ammo

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