How to Increase Imperator Rome Loyalty

Imperator Rome is an impressive strategy war-game/city builder developed by Paradox Interactive. The title is a continuation of Europa Universals: Rome. Imperator Rome depicts the Roman era and starts at a timeline of 304 BCE. Map of Imperator Rome is vast consisting of 7,000 cities. In this Imperator Rome Loyalty Guide, you’ll learn about the importance of loyalty in your country, maintaining it, and increase the loyalty of your fellow citizens.

Imperator Rome provides you with a number of challenges. Loyalty is an issue that can seriously destroy unity and can become a national security issue, therefore, should be dealt with properly.

Imperator Rome Loyalty

Loyalty is an important factor in Imperator Rome, as it determines how happy or satisfied the people are with the government or ruler. Loyalty is inversely proportional to unrest, the less the loyalty the more the unrest in a country.

Imperator Rome has various mechanics through which you can fix this issue of unrest – increasing loyalty.

To decrease unrest, you can impose your culture on the unsatisfied population. However, at first, this will increase unrest but that the security institutions can control the unrest.

The governors are the backbone of a government, thus, make sure they are on your side. Governors can sometime backstab you so gain their trust and keep them in your pocket.

Work for the people! Make sure they’re getting all basic facilities. If they’re happy, they won’t go against the state.

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