How to Increase HP, Stamina, and Focus in Days Gone

In Days Gone, Deacon, the game’s protagonist, has three main attributes i.e. HP, Stamina, and Focus.

HP determines the amount of damage Deacon can withstand before dying, Stamina determines the duration for which Deacon can run or dodge, and Focus slows down time while aiming for those sweet, sweet headshots.

In our Days Gone Guide, we’ve detailed all about how to increase HP, Stamina, and Focus.

Increase Health, Stamina, and Focus in Days Gone

Needless to say but you need to improve these attributes/stats of Deacon’s if you wish to survive the game’s harsh environment.

HP and Stamina are there from the very onset of your journey but Focus comes into play after you purchase the Focused Shot skill.

Stamina is regenerated over time and HP is replenished with the usage of Medkits or Bandages. As for keeping an eye on them, HP is the red bar on the bottom-left and Stamina is the blue bar in the same area.

How to Increase HP, Stamina, and Focus

You can increase your HP, Stamina, and Focus by using Nero Injectors. It’s a sophisticated technology developed by the government and can be found in Nero Camps.

Nero Camps in Days Gone are easy to spot, as they are available at many spots of the map – Nero will be written on these camps. However, before taking on these camps, make sure to take some precautions:

  1. Always check the area before entering Nero Camps, as they are saturated with Freakers.
  2. Destroy speakers! If they start playing, enemies will rush the spot in no time.
  3. To enter the camp, you’ll need to turn on the generators which are sometimes out of fuel.
  4. Nero Injectors are always present in a white container.

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