How to Increase Carry Capacity in The Outer Worlds

Being over-encumbered in The Outer Worlds can affect your character in a number of ways including limiting movement speed as well as removing the fast travel feature. However, there are ways to increase your inventory’s carry capacity in The Outer Worlds which lets you and your companions carry extra stuff around.

Increase Carry Capacity in The Outer Worlds

Below are some ways that you can try to increase your carrying capacity, so you are able to carry out more items at a given time.


The companions that you acquire, help you carry out more items in Outer Worlds. If they are carrying items then they can help you carry more items by increasing your capacity. Don’t expect a lot though. The capacity only increases a little and allows you to carry a little more items than before.

While companions share the same inventory capacity as the player so moving items into their inventory won’t reduce your load but they have their own armor and weapon slots. This way, you can slot items in their armor and weapon slots to reduce the load in your inventory.

Pack Mule Perk
As we talked about in our Perks guide, the Pack Mule perk and its increasing tiers allow players to increase their inventory capacity based on which tier of the perk you have unlocked. The three tiers of Pack Mule are broken down below with their additive increase in inventory limit:

  • Pack Mule Tier 1: Increases your maximum capacity by 50kg.
  • Pack of Pack Mules Tier 2: Increased carrying capacity bonus from your companions. 40kg carry capacity bonus.
  • Super Pack Mule Tier 3: Increases your carrying capacity by 100kg.

Hoarder Perk
This way is a bit different from the other ways that you just studied above. In the above methods, your carrying capacity increases, however, Hoarder Perk reduces the weight of your items to about 50%. This not only helps you by decreases the weight of your consumables but also helps you to carry more items now. This way you are able to store a lot more loot than before.

Ship Storage Container
Inside the Captain’s quarters aboard the Unreliable, there is a storage container. You can use this container to store some extra loot and reduce the items in your inventory.

If you have a weapon or armor item you don’t want to sell or destroy but have no room in your inventory, this is the best place to store it. There are also lockers right next to the cockpit in your ship and you can store items in there as well.