How to Increase Bond Levels in Persona 5 Strikers

Bond Levels in Persona 5 Strikers is distinct from your character level and you can get amazing benefits by boosting...

Bond Levels in Persona 5 Strikers is distinct from your character level and you can get amazing benefits by boosting it. This guide will describe all the possible ways to increase your bond levels in Persona 5 Strikers.

How to Increase Bond Levels in Persona 5 Strikers

The Bond System and Bond skills will unlock as you progress a little in the story of P5 Strikers. You will be forced to watch the complete tutorial of the bond system when it unlocks. To check if you have it unlocked, just open the pause menu of P5 Strikers and click the ‘Bond’ tab.

Farming XP

The first thing you should consider doing is to level up the ‘Bondmaker’ skill twice. You can do this by opening the Bond menu and scrolling all the way to the second last option in the list.

Once you have leveled up Bondmaker twice, you need to aim for completing the story missions next. This is because completing the story missions rewards a good amount of Bond XP. So just keep doing the story missions as fast as you can in the early levels so that you can upgrade to extremely good skills by utilizing the Bond XP that you will have earned.

Next, keep taking on fights against enemies. Defeating enemies also rewards Bond XP and is a very crucial demand for boosting your Bond Level.

Moreover, the main source of accumulating Bond XP is the Request System. You will be able to track the requests, tagged as side tasks/quests, after a certain point in the story.

These side tasks are pretty easy and are often quite similar to each other. The similarity, hence, makes you pretty good at doing them over time and you can increase your Bond Levels a lot by doing them.

Finally, another one of the best Bond XP farming methods is cooking new recipes. You might not have noted but cooking new recipes earn you a lot of Bond XP.

If you have a generous amount of required materials and recipes, you can accumulate a bunch of Boost levels in a single run by following this method.

Boost Bond Levels by Visiting Specific Locations

Apart from doing story missions and side tasks, there are also certain locations where you can take on specified tasks to boost your Bond Level.

You can visit these places more than once by going in and out to metaverse to be able to interact with them again. Make sure that you stay for more than 20 to 30 minutes to interact with them again.

Below we have described all the locations that you can visit to boost your bond level:

Sendai – Omikuji Shop
To the west of Sojiro’s van is the Omikuji Shop, which you can visit to draw a fortune paper. You will get a boost in bond level according to the paper that you draw.

Sapport – Odori Park Garden
To the east of Sojiro’s van is the Odori Park Garden. You will experience rich events like Sapporo Snow Festival and Sapporo Lilac Festival there. Visit the garden to be given a side quest that involves searching for a four-leaf clover. Successfully finding the clover will drastically boost your Bond level.

Okinawa – Utaki Sacred Ground
Head south and then west from Sojiro’s van to get close to the entrance of Utaki Sacred Ground. Morgana will ask you to pray in the ground, and the amount of bond XP you receive will be determined by it.

Osaka – New World Billiken Statue
Head towards Shinsekai, Osaka and approach the Billiken Statue. Sofia will ask you to examine the statue. There will be many people distracting you, but successfully examining the statue will boost Joker’s Bond Levels.