How to Improve Friendship in Miitopia

A new addition to Nintendo RPG games is the all-new and unique RPG called Miitopia with a heavy focus on character building and relations. Friendship building is the most important part of the game. In this guide, we will show you How to Improve Friendship in Miitopia.

How to Improve Friendship in Miitopia

At the start of the game, your Mii characters will start off as just acquaintances and from there you will have to build bonds with those characters and as your friendship level with another Mii character increases, they will learn and unlock new skills based on their friendship and new power assist moves.

Ways to Build Friendship in Miitopia

There are a couple of ways to increase your level of friendship with other characters, you can start off in the Inn. At the start, and at the end of each run, you and your party will stay and rest in the Inn, where you can assign two party members the same room and by staying in the same room and spending the night together, their friendship will increase.

Put Mii Characters in the Same Room
When you put all the Mii characters in their rooms, you might see some of the Mii characters thinking about other characters who are not in the same room, in this situation put those Mii characters in the same room together and this will give them a friendship boost. For this, you should always keep an eye on the “Check on the team” notification.

Pair them up for an Adventure
Another way to increase friendship is by sending the team for outings in pairs. Having free time together can give your Mii characters a strong bond boost and this can also lead to some enemy fights. During the fight, Mii characters can help each other in many ways and use different combos on enemies together.

Finding these kind of fights is random but if two Mii characters fight together they can get a good increase in friendship, and they will also unlock many new combos that will increase their chances to combine attacks and block attacks for each other.

Feed them their Favorite Food
Some other ways that can help you increase friendship by small amounts include feeding your hungry Mii characters. All the Mii characters have unique food likings and tastes and when they come to the Inn to rest you can feed them their favorites foods to permanently increase their stats.

Care for Sick Miis
There can be some days when one of your Mii characters is sick when that happens, you should let that Mii stay in the bed for a day or two, and if you want that Mii character to build and increase friendship with another Mii you can send them to the sick Mii to take care of them and nurture a bond.

You might see your Mii character getting angry or jealous of other Miis, they might also fight but you will just have to give them time and space to resolve and rebuild the friendship on their own.

Other ways to build and increase friendship includes:

  • Getting your Mii characters to train together.
  • Get another Mii to help when a mii is tripped.
  • Get Miis to perform assist and support skills for their allies.
  • Use Jolly Jaunt ticket on two Mii characters that are in the same room.
  • You can also use Outing Ticket on two Mii characters in the same room.

Also keep in mind that as the game progresses, you will also unlock the Horse and you can increase your characters’ friendship with the Horse just like with other Mii characters and this will further increase your AOE attack powers and skills.