How to Import Miis in Tomodachi Life

How ti import Miis in Tomodachi Life with tips on how to create QR Codes and Scan them.

Your journey in Tomodachi Life is not confined to a single Mii as players can import different Miis to their 3DS handhelds. There are multiple ways of importing Miis into your game, and I have provided a brief overview of each one of those below:

This method is by far the quickest method of getting a Mii without any happiness level, friends, and liking preferences.

Doing this is fairly simple! All you need to do is to go to StreetPass Mii Plaza and explore through the Mii crowd. Once you have selected the Mii of your choice, press A and select the ‘Mii Maker’ option.

After this, open up Tomodachi Life and visit Town Hall followed by selecting ‘New Mii’ and then ‘Transfer from Mii Maker’.

Once you have selected your Mii, you will be asked to fill in various details like name, nickname, date of birth, and other information. After filling everything up, you will be ready to go.

QR Code
This is another easy option, which is used to import a Mii to your 3DS system. In order to do so, go to ‘Mii Maker’ followed by selecting ‘QR Code/Image Options.


The QR Codes which can be scanned will either be provided by Tomodachi Life or user-generated. Once you have scanned a code, you will again have to fill in all information mentioned above, and the Mii will be transferred.

Furthermore, note that QR Codes provided by Tomodachi Life will have all important information of Mii like name, date of birth, and personality type. However, things like relationships and happiness level will not be transferred.

How to Make a QR Code
In order to create a QR Code for you Mii, you must have a SD Card in your Nintendo 3DS system. To get started, get to ‘Mii Maker’ and select ‘QR Code/Image Options’ followed by selecting ‘Save Mii as a QR Code’.

Advantage of Using Local Wireless Connection to Import Mii
Importing Mii via local wireless connection has its advantages over the other two methods mentioned above. With this method, you will be able to import happiness level, gifts, and like preferences of the imported Mii.

The only thing that will not get transferred using Local Wireless Connection is your Mii’s relationships. The reason for this is that relationships are unique for every player with his/her copy of the game, so they don’t get transferred.

Other than this, almost everything gets imported alongside your desired Mii.

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