How to Heal in Minecraft Dungeons

Like every dungeon crawling ARPG, Minecraft Dungeons also throws a number of enemies at you at higher difficulties who barely give you room to breathe. If you are struggling with health, this guide will show you how to heal in Minecraft Dungeons.

You just can’t go around the Dungeons unleashing your wrath upon the enemies! You do need to heal often too otherwise you most certainly, will end up dying.

You need to keep your eye on the health bar and make sure that it doesn’t deplete to that alarming level.

If you wish to explore newer areas in the game, you need to get past all the obstacles in the form of deadly enemies and for that you need to stay alive too!

How to Heal in Minecraft Dungeons

There are a total of 4 healing methods that you can use in order to heal up and keep heading forward, exploring what the game has to offer. Whenever you take a substantial amount of damage, it is advisable to heal as quickly as possible.

Since Minecraft Dungeons has a 3-life respawn system and once you are out of those, you have to start the game from the beginning, you should make sure your health is always topped up.


We have explained all the healing methods in MC Dungeons below.

Artifacts can be found throughout the map and are one of the most effective way to heal up. In Dungeons the most ideal healing artifact is the Regeneration Totem!

This artifact cools down really fast once it has been used. Just stand near it and let it heal you up.

Healing Potions
These little life saviours are the most used way of healing up in Minecraft Dungeon. They are even user friendly as the option to use them pops up on itself when your health is below a certain level. These healing potions heal you up to the maximum health bar too.

Theft of life
This is just like that famous saying! Two birds with one stone. This unique way lets you damage your enemy and correspondingly your health increases in a correlated manner.

So the more you damage your enemy the more you are going to heal up.

Basically you end up achieving two utmost objectives, one: bringing down enemy’s heath and two: taking your health up! This, therefore, is the most strategical way of healing up.

Food is the second most convenient way of healing up in the game. But where do you get this food from? When you kill your enemies they drop certain pieces of food as a part of their loot drop!

When you pick this loot up your health bar increases by a certain percentage! So always remember to pick up the food pieces your enemies drop, upon being killed