How to Go Rogue In The Division 2 Dark Zone?

The Division 2 is going to release in the next few days and it is expected to be one of the biggest releases of this year. The game is developed by Ubisoft and brings a number of features over from the original The Division. One of the main attractions of this series is the Dark Zone and in the Dark Zone, players can go Rogue.

Rogue players are those who attack and engage aggressively with other players in the Dark Zone. There are pros and cons to going Rogue. There are slight changes to how players can go Rogue. Change I believe isn’t the right word here, addition is more accurate.

How to Go Rogue In The Division 2?

The first game allowed players to be aggressive toward another player and Rogue. There were also hotkeys that you can press on the d-pad to go Rogue. Same is the case with The Division 2 Rogue system but Ubisoft has made a little tweak to the way it works. Ubisoft’s The Division 2 players would have to hold down the touchpad hold the menu button on Xbox, and you map this anywhere you like on the PC version of The Division 2.

You just need to hold down the button and you will become Rogue. There are other ways to go Rogue, of course, you can attack other players and try to steal their loot. There are new Dark Zone caches that are locked but if you try to lockpick, you will become Rogue in that case as well.

To clear your Rogue level, you can let the timer expire and in the meantime, you need to avoid any rogue actions such as breaking into caches, stealing loot, and attacking other players. If you do attack other players as a Rogue your timer will reset.

The Rogue Manhunt system works the same as The Division 1. Much of the loot you pick up and steal isn’t going to be clean and would require extraction. However, there are some high-level weapons and gear in The Division 2 can be used as soon as an agent pick it up.

Most of the Dark Zones in The Division 2 are normalized. Players with wildly different stats will be brought to a more narrow range. Players who reach the end game are more powerful, can deal more damage, can enter the more dangerous Occupied Dark Zones.  The Occupied Dark Zones doesn’t tell an agent if others are rogue or not. There is no marker showing someone’s Rogue status and friendly fire is always enabled.

There are also organized PvP set on three maps outside of the Dark Zone and the main open world. We hope this article answers “how to go rogue in The Division 2.”

We will have more for you once the game rolls out to stay-tuned.

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