How to Go Invisible Using The Fortnite Predator Device

Fortnite is getting wilder and wilder every time a new update comes in. Now, you can go invisible using a brand new Cloak Device as part of a tribute to Predator. The tribute also includes a brand new Predator costume that will intimidate opponents and will pose as a cool addition to your cosmetics collection.

So, what exactly is Predator’s Cloak Device? Basically, the portable item can turn you invisible in Fortnite for a few seconds. All you have to do is first obtain the Cloak Device and activate it much like what you’d do with any other item. Twitter account HYPEX, has also unearthed its detailed stats. According to the user, you can go invisible in Fortnite for 30 seconds and then get 30 seconds of cooldown. You will get an expire alert that lasts for 5 seconds before the effect resides.

How do you get the Predator Cloak Device though? What you need to do is defeat Predator in a match of Fortnite. Upon completion, you can get the item much like what you’d do in another boss battle. The reality of the fight is that it won’t be easy to pin it down but the reward can ensure you a good standing in the match rankings.

How broken is the Predator Cloak device in Fortnite? This is a question that remains to be answered. Undeniably, invisibility in a battle royale game can be a tough cookie to break but given its long cooldown and the requirements of obtaining the item, we can expect it to make little difference to how games play out.

Apart from the in-game boss battle, the Cloak Device, and Predator’s claws, the new featured skin is available for purchase. Fortnite right now is a blast to play since collaborations release more frequently and quests are storming in from everywhere.

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