How to Get Zeni in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (Money Farming Tips)

Zeni is the main currency in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and is required to buy almost everything in the game. The tough part of completing missions is that they sometimes don’t even reward Zeni, instead, you are given Z-orbs or D-medals. In this guide, we have given some shortcut methods to get Zeni in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot with less effort along with some farming tips.

How to Get Zeni in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (Money Farming Tips)

There are many ways you can get Zeni in DBZ: Kakarot such as using the Dragon Balls for wishing 30,000 Z. Simply gather all seven Dragon Balls and summon the Dragon to wish for the amount required to get 30,000 Z. Keep in mind that the dragon balls can only be gathered after the Frieza Saga or during the intermission.

If you want more, you can wish again after twenty minutes however, you’ll have to find all the Dragon Balls once again to summon the Dragon.

Another method for gaining Zeni is to sell Scales from the Golden Fish for 3000Z. This is probably the most expensive part of the Golden Fish therefore; you must explore and sell it to make a great profit.

The best method for you is to sell items in the World and get Zeni in DBZ Kakarot. These include side mission rewards, items found when exploring, parts of an animal and so on. Just make sure you sell items of great worth and not crafting material.

In order to farm these items and thus more Zeni, you can travel all around the world and hunt for creatures such as dinosaurs, fish, deer, gazelle, wolves, and many more. You can capture these creatures and get items off them just so you can sell them at a shop and get money in exchange.

Also, keep an eye on the gift section since these items are high in quality and can be sold for a good amount. Just focus on completing side missions and hunt creatures because the more encounters you have with them, the more Zeni you’ll get in your wallet.

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