How to Get Vampire Kavat in Warframe

Vasca Kavat is the new enormously capable breed of Kavats which possesses deadly capabilities of Vampiric Bite and Transfusion. If you are looking for the method of transforming your Kavat into a Vampire breed, or wanna know more about the capabilities of a Vasca Kavat, check out our tips on how to get Vampire Kavat in Warframe.

How to Get Vampire Kavat in Warframe

The Vasca Kavat is a vampiric breed of Kavats and hence, just as the theory of vampires work, the Vasca Kavat also only spawns in the night time.

So that is why to get a Vasca Kavat, you need to visit Plains of Eidolon during the night cycle. It is there that you will find Vaska Kavats, sometimes in a pack of 3-6.

Now focusing upon how to get a Vasca Kavat, the method includes a complete procedure that involves incubating 2 Vasca Imprints.

So to get 2 Vasca Imprints, you need to get to the above-mentioned location, and once you encounter a Vaska Kavat there, you need to get your current Kavat infected by the Vasca Bite.

When the Vasca will attack and bite your kavat, your kavat will get infected by Vasca Virus and a pulsing red overlay will cover its body.

This is the time when you need to create the imprints of the infection using Genetic Code templates on the infected Kavat.

Once done, you need to follow the same procedure again, as you need two imprints in total to breed your current Kavat into a Vasca Kavat.

A point to ponder during the procedure is that which Kavat you do not wanna lose, as the transformation of a Kavat into a Vasca one will rob you of your current Kavat. So you should not get that Kavat infected which you do not want to lose.

After you have infected the Kavat second time too, use both of the imprints which you had saved using Genetic Code templates on your kavat and it will surely result in a new Vasca Kavat!

Tip: If you have 2 Kavats, it will be easier if you get both of them infected at the same time and then use the imprints on any of them.

Curing the infection

During the whole process, you will also need to get the virus infection cured by Master Teasonai in Cetus by buying Vasca Curative from him.

Another easier way of turning into Vaska Kavat is to buy the Vaska Kavat Starter Kit from the Market. It costs you 105 coins and the bundle includes 2 Vasca Imprints, 10 Kavat Genetic Codes, Incubator Power Core and Stasis Slot.

Vasca Kavat Abilities

Vampiric bite

As Vasca has properties of a vampire, when it will bite, it will drain out the energy/health of the victim which will be added to its own health.


Transfusion is the reverse process of the vampiric bite. When the master of a Vasca is bleeding, the Vasca sacrifices its own health to revive the Master.

So Vasca seems a real nice Kavat with all its attractive Vampire properties, vampiric bites sort of resilience and transfusion sort of sacrificial benefits! Go get yours now

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