How to get the Cartographer Achievement in Mundaun

The Cartographer achievement in Mundaun is all about sight-seeing. To get this achievement you need to have a good view of beautiful places from different View locations. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Cartographer achievement in Mundaun by highlighting all the view locations that you need to get to.

How to get the Cartographer Achievement in Mundaun

There are 5 view locations that you need to visit to earn the cartographer achievement; let’s take a look at each below.

Location 1
The first location can be found near the barn where your grandfather died in the game. Just leave the barn and turn left till you see the sign with a guy looking through the binoculars. Get close to the sign and you will find the first view location.

Location 2
In the same area, go to the tunnel that takes you to the next area. Before entering the tunnel, you will see the same sign on the side of the tunnel. Follow the path right beside the tunnel and you will reach the next location next to a church.

Location 3
The next location is in the second area near the hay unloading station. From the station, go right and eventually, you will find the signpost you are looking for, right next to the flowing river. To avoid hay monsters, it’s better that you go to this location in the morning.

Location 4
This view location is on the only path that takes you up the mountain by the lake. Since there are no alternate paths, there’s no way you are getting lost. Just follow the path as you trek all the way up to finally find the signpost and the location itself.


Location 5
This location is found behind the two buildings in the Yetis enemies’ area. One of the buildings is a bar where you also got the quest item. Behind this building, you will see the signposts that will eventually take you to view location 5

Location 6
For the 6th location, you need to lift the fog up on the mountain, then and only then can you find this location. Once the fog is lifted, go under the bridge that will take you to the old man’s mountain home. Here look for the signpost right beside the mountain.

After you have had a good view from all these locations, you will get the achievement.