How to Get the Aquaman Skin in Fortnite Season 3

Just like the Deadpool skin earlier, the latest season of Fortnite Chapter 2 brings another comic book character to the battle royale. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the newly added Aquaman skin in Fortnite Season 3.

How to Get the Aquaman Skin in Fortnite Season 3

The Aquaman crossover was in rumors long before the release of season 3 and people were really looking forward to see how Aquaman’s skin, Trident and Supreme Shell back-bling will look like.

Just like the Deadpool crossover, you have to buy the new Battle Pass if you want to get your hands on the base Aquaman skin. Aquaman Crossover comes with its own challenges that you have to unlock.

Each week you will unlock a new challenge with a total of five weeks of challenges to unlock the Aquaman skin.

You have to complete all these challenges if you want to get your hands on the Aquaman skin.

Once you have completed your 5 weeks of Aquaman challenges in Fortnite, then you can complete one more challenge to get your hands on the shirtless Arthur Curry skin.

Unlike other skins, Aquaman skin cannot be unlocked by progressing through the Battle pass tiers. You have to complete the Aquaman challenges and you can find these challenges on the Battle Pass menu.

You can also know about the challenges available, their rewards and the date of other challenges on the Battle Pass menu.

Week #1 – Use a Whirlpool at The Fortilla
The first weekly challenge for the Aquaman skin is quite easy. You just have to take a ride down a whirlpool at the new Fortilla location.

You don’t have to go the Islands. Just find a whirlpool in the sea and take a ride down a whirlpool.

Whirlpool has been added in this season which is basically used as a Jumping Pad and Fortilla is a group of small islands at the bottom left corner of the map.

You can get your hands on some easy gear and Golden chests on these islands. You will also encounter Henchmen who will kill you in a second so be aware.

That’s all we have on Aquaman challenges as of now. We will keep you updated about the rest of the Aquaman challenges.

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