How to Get S-Rank in Devil May Cry 5

The lowest Rank in Devil May Cry 5 is D rank and you can raise it up to SSS Rank. The S Rank is achieved until at least you have made 5,500 Stylish Points.

Getting these high Ranks will help you in gaining the Red Orbs that are like the cheap currency of the game. Later with these Orbs, you can upgrade your weapons and skills for your desired character.

How to Maintain your S rank

It is not enough to just get your S Rank, maintaining your S rank is just as important in the game.

To maintain your S Rank there are a few things you have to be careful about. First is your practice. You must be familiar with your character’s basic combos until now.

You have to be skilled in performing these combos. Not only that but you should be able to use other variations of the combos and your melee weapons. You can use multiple buttons in this game to perform a variety of these combos.

Do not slow down enough that your character recovers from your hits and comes to attack you. Keep performing your combos and different attacks from your weapons e.g. Devil Breakers if you are playing as Nero.

Also being hit in the game by your enemy will break your trance and will make it harder for you to achieve that S rank.

SSS Rank

The highest rank to reach in the game is the SSS Rank. This is the highest rank a player can reach in the compartment of S Ranks.

To reach this rank you have to be highly skilled in performing any combos and other techniques with your character. You can practice all these techniques, combos and melee weapons in the Void.

Always use your basic combos at first and use a variety of them, the complex ones and the combos performed with pressing multiple buttons at the same time.

Your enemy should not hit you. Dodge them if they try to perform an attack on you. Do not give them time to recover and use your weapons against them. Using the weapons will definitely give a boost to your rank and increase it at a higher level.

Just do not give up. While performing some combos it might become hard for you to pull them off. You cannot learn all of them instantly. Be patient and keep practicing and you will definitely be able to perform them at the end of the day.

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