How to Get Rock Hopping Hook in Temtem

Temtem has many collectible items that will help you get through the islands easily. Rock Hopping Hook is another thing that you will need to traverse the islands easily and swiftly. Here we have the information on How to Get Rock Hopping Hook in Temtem and what quests do you have to complete for it.

How to Get Rock Hopping Hook in Temtem

Before you can get to the island of Tucma and talk to the stranger who will teach you rock hopping, there are some things you need to complete.

First, go through the main storyline simply and when you crash land on the island of Tucma just make your way through the main story and beat the Dojo.

After that you will get three new quests, you need to complete all the three quests here in order to learn the ability of how to Rock Hop.

Here we have the guides if you need help on these three quests:

When you are on your first quest you will meet a man Manki, he will be the one teaching you the ability of Rock Hopping but after you complete all three quests.

Learn Rock Hopping

After you are done with the three quests mentioned above, get back to Manki and you will be able to receive the Rock-Hopping Hook from Manki.

For that, go to the south from the entrance to Quetzel and you will reach a Temporium and here you will face Manki. Speak to him to receive the Rock-Hopping Hook.

This hook is a grappling tool that will allow you to get through the large gaps. You will see these gaps throughout the Temtem map on various islands. Just walk to the gap with the blue crystal on them to zip across.