How to Get Ray Gun in CoD Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa

Ray gun is a special weapon in CoD Mobile, you might be wondering how to get it and what it does. Well, it is a fairly simple method and you will have no problems getting if you know where to look for it. Other, what it does is also a simple question with a simple answer, it kills zombies very quickly and in bulks. In this guide, we will tell you how to get Ray Gun in CoD Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa map.

How to Get Ray Gun in CoD Mobile Zombies Shi No Numa

Ray gun will be found in Mystery boxes. That’s it….. that’s the answer. But you will be very lucky to get it in first try so you will have to give a couple of shots before you get your hands on a Ray gun from the mystery box. Keep trying and you will get it, mystery box is along the Buff shop in the map and you will have to trouble finding them as well.

Money that will be required in order to open the mystery boxes is not much and you will get more as you kill more zombies. It is related to your damage given to zombies and will increase as you go on with the battle.

Opening a mystery box once will cost you about 850 coins and you will get more and more so keep opening the mystery box until you find the Ray Gun. It will not be long and you will get it in two tries most probably.

Ray gun is a fairly simple and small gun. The special thing about this gun is that it doesn’t deal damage in shots but when you shoot with this gun, it turns it into a blast on the target and deals in area damage.

Every zombie in the blast radius will have the same health loss so it makes it very easy for the crown control as a few shots from this Ray gun can take as many zombies as there are in its blast radius.

Once you have unlocked the Ray Gun in the game you can upgrade it afterwards for the future use and this way you can increase the radius of blast damage for the gun and it will heavily increase your efficiency of the gun and you will never have the problem of zombie crowd ever.

You can use the in game buff shop to get the buffs for that particular session and it will also help you fight the boss at the end.