How to Get Quicksilver in No Man’s Sky

Interested in how to get Quicksilver in No Man’s Sky? You can spend it on different items in-game. It is also used to buy and sell with the traders throughout the galaxy.

With the new ‘Living Ships’ update, you will require this currency to get yourself the Living Ship. So in this guide, we will tell you how to get Quicksilver in NMS.

How to Get Quicksilver in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky has no microtransactions, so you cannot buy it the real-world money. You can primarily earn it by completing different missions.

To get quicksilver, firstly you need to access the Nexus.

The Nexus is where players can interact with one another in multiplayer instances and is a large hub for those looking to acquire missions, meet traders or stock up on supplies. You can find it at a location called the Space Anomaly.

When you arrive at the station, you will find several missions available to you. Once a day, you can find one quicksilver mission available you can add to your quest log.

You can hold up to three quicksilver missions and complete them whenever you want to with no time limit attached.

After you complete a quicksilver mission, you need to wait for the next daily quicksilver mission to become available.

The reward given by each mission varies but typically it should take you somewhere around 12-15 days to get enough Quicksilver in NMS to buy a Void Egg.

This is how you can get quicksilver in NMS. Unfortunately, since there is no other way to earn quicksilver besides doing the daily mission, you can’t really farm this resource.

You can use the earned quicksilver to obtain exotic armor pieces, purchase a Void Egg, and many more things from the quicksilver synthesis companion inside of the Nexus.

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