How to Get Living Ships in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky’s latest update has introduced a new but strange way to travel through the galaxy. These new vessels called The Living Ships are basically biological ships. In this guide, we will show you how to get Living Ships in No Man’s Sky.

As mentioned before, Living Ships are biological spacecraft that will be a salient addition to your fleet of crafts. They look like giant alien tentacle monsters but you can sit in them and pilot them around the galaxy.

How to Get Living Ships in No Man’s Sky

There are multiple steps involved to get yourself a Living Ship in NMS. And a number of them depends on how much No Man’s Sky you have been playing lately.

First, you will need to summon the Space Anomaly. Fly into the Anomaly and visit the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.

He is the bulgy-eyed fellow in a kiosk just beyond the landing pad before you climb the ramp. From here, you can buy the Void Egg which you need to get the living ship. The void egg will cost you 3,200 Quicksilver.

After purchasing the Void Egg from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion, it will be in your inventory. Now fly into space, and warp to a different star system.

After a few warps, you’ll receive a message on your communicator, kicking off a mission called Melody of the Egg.

Melody of the Egg
In this mission, you will have to collect twelve different transmissions. They will appear in random order after some number of warps.

Each transmission will contain a number and a glyph. Write down these glyphs as you will require them later.

Once you have collected all twelve of them, enter the glyphs into a Portal in the order the messages specified. The Portal will take you to a planet where you will receive another message.

This one will direct you to an abandoned building somewhere in the solar system. There, you will receive a message to “Watch for us in the stars.”

Return to space and fly around at pulse speed until you detect an anomaly. Drop out of pulse speed and you will encounter an alien flying a living ship, which will kick off the Starbirth mission.

The Void Egg will begin producing star system coordinates for you to follow. They give you clues about what planets you’ll need to visit in the systems it leads you to.

You will need to collect and craft a number of new items as the eggs directs you which can eventually be used to repair a crashed and damaged living ship.

Once you have completed the Starbirth mission, you’ll have your very own living ship in NMS!

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