How to Get Honey in Valheim

In this guide we will teach you How to Get Honey in Valheim. This guide will cover all aspects of farming, collecting, and using Honey in Valheim.

How to Get Honey in Valheim

Honey in Valheim can prove to be extremely beneficial for you during the mid and end game phases.

It can be used to cook many kinds of recipes as well as mead bases and stews of different kinds.

Honey can be eaten on its own to restore 20 Health and 20 Stamina. But the best use of Honey is making Mead Bases with it which allow you to craft different potions like Heat resistance, Frost Resistance, etc.

How to Get Honey
Honey is obtained from Beehives. Having Beehives of your own is very important if you want to have a stable supply of Honey.

We will also be teaching you How to Build a Beehive and Keep the Bees Happy.


Building Beehives
Beehives are structures in Valheim that provide you with Honey. Building your own Beehive requires a few prerequisites, and then taking care of the Beehive is also a task of its own.

To build a Beehive, you need the following:

  • 1x Queen Bee.
  • 10x Wood

To obtain a Queen Bee, you need to go to an active Beehive which can be found near any of the abandoned houses in the Meadows biome, and shoot it down from a distance.

You should use fire arrows to swiftly take care of the Beehive because an active Beehive will attack you if you go too close to it.

Once you shoot it down, you will get a Queen Bee. Now you can head to any workbench near your base and build the Beehive. Make sure you have your hammer equipped for this task.

Your own Beehive won’t attack you and will soon start dropping 4x Honey. One more thing you have to be wary of is to not build many beehives together because then they won’t be able to produce Honey.

Make sure you leave a distance of 2 meters between each hive and you can also build Hives at varying heights.

If you leave a distance of 3 tiles or more between your Beehives and your perimeter fence, then your Hives will be safe from incoming troll sieges.

Keeping the Bees Happy
Now you have to make sure that the Bees stay happy so you can have a stable supply of Honey.

This should not be much of an issue for you if you’ve kept up with the guide till now.

Bees demand privacy and space. This means that if you built your Hives away from other buildings and kept adequate space between Beehives, they will be happy and your Honey supply won’t be disturbed.

Collecting Honey
Honey collection is very simple. All you have to do is walk up to the Beehives and extract the Honey.

The amount of Honey you can extract daily depends on your bees. (If they are happy, you can get upwards of 2 honey per day from each hive)

Now that you know How to Get Honey in Valheim, you can use it to make Mead Bases or use it in different recipes

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