How to Get Gil Up Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Magic, abilities and passive stats are a huge part of Final Fantasy 7, and these elements of the game are embodied by Materia. This particular guide will show you How to Get Gil Up Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake so you can earn Gil/money in no time.

Materia are little orbs of magical power, formed by the planet’s energy that provides many stat boosts that will help you throughout the game. One of these is the Gil Up Materia.

How to Get Gil Up Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Gil is the main currency in the game, used to purchase various items throughout the world. It can be pretty hard to come by, as you only get a little bit by winning battles.

You cannot afford to spend it on all items and Materia. Fortunately, you can get Gil Up Materia, which increases the amount of Gil you earn.

To get this Materia, you need to get up to Chapter 16 in FF7 Remake. As you progress through the Shinra HQ here, you’ll come across a facility, where you can take part in training missions with Shinra Combat Stimulator.

One of the simulations here is the “Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers”. This stimulation costs 400 Gil to participate, and you need to clear five rounds of flying enemies.

Your first choice here is, of course, Barret because of his ranged attacks. The second character can be any of Cloud or Tifa, up to your preference.

For the simulation, use Lightning Materia, as most of the enemies here are vulnerable to Thunder spells.

Also since you cannot use items, remember to equip Pray and Revival Materia to get you some quick healing and reviving if things go south.

Once the mission is cleared, you’ll be rewarded with Gil Up Materia. Equip this in any character to increase Gil gain by 100%.

This is all you need to know on how to get Gil Up Materia. We hope this guide helps you across your journey.

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