How to Get Friend Bow in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX revolves around the idea of befriending various Pokemon and including them in your journey throughout the Pokemon world. In this journey, one of the many useful items you are going to want to find as soon as possible is the Friend Bow. In this guide, we will tell you How to Get Friend Bow in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.

How to Get Friend Bow in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

The Friend Bow increases your chance at recruiting a Pokemon to your team after you beat them by 10 percent; this also includes any Shiny Pokemon you end up encountering in the game.

The Friend Bow is available after you have beaten the game’s main story.

Where can I get myself one of these bows, you may ask? There are two known ways to find yourself a Friend Bow in the game.

Mt. Faraway
Once you get the quest to search for a ‘Mirage Pokemon’, you will eventually find yourself in a 60-floor dungeon.

On the 30th floor of Mt Faraway, the Friend Bow can appear anywhere; look thoroughly on the entire floor, and you can get the Bow without having to pay a dime.

Kecleon Shops
The second method is to buy the bow from the Joyous Tower for a price of 5000 PokeDollars. In this dungeon, the bow can randomly appear in Kecleon stores.

You can either pay for it the legit way; or try to steal it, but if you plan on stealing it, brace yourself to fight off a strong security force.

Out of these two options, Mt. Faraway is simply the easier and cheaper one; the Kecleon method can be a bit dangerous; so it is best avoided.

Once you have the bow, you are all set to start on your post-game adventure and grab yourself some new Pokemon and maybe a shiny!

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