How to Get FIFA 20 Twitch Prime FUT Winter Refresh Pack

This guide will tell you how to get the FUT Winter Refresh Pack in FIFA 20 for free. Twitch recently announced a new promo for Prime members and we have the details to show you How to Get FIFA 20 Twitch Prime FUT Winter Refresh Pack.

How to Get FIFA 20 Twitch Prime FUT Winter Refresh Pack

As it should be obvious by now, this free FUT Winter Refresh Pack comes courtesy for Amazon/Twitch Prime and thus is only available to Twitch Prime members.

Opening a pack and bolstering your team is the best way of grinding for the Ultimate Team other than coin coffers. If you are lucky enough, there might be a chance of you packing the icon that desire or maybe the elusive Team of the Year Lionel Messi.

Some players refrain from getting too many packs, the reason could be the cost or they might have had some bad luck on their tries. But not to worry as you can get free packs as well.

The Icon prime Moment cards have been released by the Winter Refresh in FIFA 20 Ultimate team. There is an offer for this free pack which is the Twitch Prime Player pick pack and you can tell from the name that it has something to do with Twitch.

What you have to do is link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch and you will get an 81+ OVR Player Pack which will include a guaranteed 81+ OVR Item and four rare gold player items.

But before you start doing this you have to ensure something. You have to make sure that your Gamertag or PSN ID is linked to the EA account you use. For that, you have to go to the about me page and then If the account is connected you will see your Gamertag under the Connected Accounts. If it is, then now you have to connect your Twitch Prime Account to your EA profile.

For that, you have to just go to this link and enter the asked details and when you are done with that a message will tell you that your details have been transmitted to Twitch and you are done. You would be able to claim the Winder Refresh Pack when it becomes available.

This is how you can get the FIFA 20 Winter Refresh Pack.

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