How to Get Drama and Weirdo Hunter Mask in The Division 2

Use this guide to help you find and collect the newly found Drama and Weirdo hunter masks in The Division 2 Warlords of New York

Recently, two new Hunter masks were discovered; the Drama and the Weirdo mask. This guide will show you How to Get Drama and Weirdo Hunter Mask in The Division 2

That is two more down and leaves exactly three more to go. We will be showing you how you can get your hands on these two new masks. Keep in mind that unlike the Divide hunter mask, these two are located in Washington DC and not New York.

Generator Key #1

The first Generator Key can be found lying on top of a gift box in Judiciary Square next to American Bar and Grill. The location is marked on the map. This key is collectible during the daytime.

Generator Key #2

The second generator key for the Drama and Weirdo masks is situated within the Ellipse found directly below the White House in the Christmas Market. Your desired item is again, resting on top of a gift box. Interact with the gift to generate the key.

Turning on the Generators

Once the keys are collected, wait till it’s past 9 PM and get to Downtown East 8th Street NorthWest. Here, you are going to use the two generator keys.

Head to the middle of the market and make a right; you will find your first generator.

Go to the other side of the market and find the second generator there.

Spawn the Hunters

Once the generators are turned on, follow the yellow cable on the ground leading from the generators toward the two levers to turn them off. 

Now, you need to go to the middle of the market, and you will find a button, press it, and turn off the lights to spawn the hunters.

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