How to Get Dead Man’s Tale in Destiny 2

In this guide, we will be telling you How to Get Dead Man’s Tale, the new Exotic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2. This exotic weapon is available through a secret quest that takes quite a while to complete. We will be guiding you on how to activate & complete the Exotic Quest.

How to Get Dead Man’s Tale in Destiny 2

The Dead Man’s Tale Scout Rifle is hidden behind a secret quest. The very first thing you need to do is launch an Arm’s Dealer Nightfall Strike and then look for a hidden distress signal which the game does not tell you about.

Activating the Exotic Quest
Once you launch the strike, you have to kill all the enemies in the first room, and then a room to your right will open.

The strike will tell you to go left but DON’T DO THAT.

You have to head right and fight a few turrets and a Phalanx Boss. Once you deal with the enemies, you will see the distress coordinates.

Your next step is to go back to the Tower and talk to Zavala. Zavala will send you on a mission on the Tangled Shore.

The Voice on the Other Side – Presage Exotic Quest
This is a long mission that mostly requires puzzle-solving and can be completed solo but will prove to be a tad bit difficult. So, you should come to a party.

You can see the mission’s icon on your Director in Tangled Shore. Launch the mission, and you will be teleported to the Glykon, an abandoned Calus Ship floating near the reef.

Upon landing on the ship, you will see closed Bay doors in front of you. These doors cannot be opened so you need to go back to the ramp and jump towards the right while facing the ship to reach the red pipes there.

Follow these red pipes around the scaffolding and you will eventually reach the entrance to the Calus Ship.

The Calus is a huge ship filled with a lot of puzzles. We will give you some general tips below for you to make it across the ship to the Boss Room.

Using the Hidden Passages
There are a lot of secret passages in the Calus. These can be in the ventilation covers or a switch might unlock a hidden passage.

Whenever you get stuck, look for a path in the vents or a big switch. This is pretty similar to the Leviathan.

Switches can also be identified by the beeping alarm sound they emit. So, keep your wits about to not get lost in the Calus.

The Spore Mechanic
The Glykon also has white barriers that will hinder your progress.

To pass through these barriers you have to throw glowing balls at orbs nearby which then give you a buff for a short period that lets you pass through the white barrier.

Keep in mind that the effects of said buff wear out quickly so don’t dilly dally once you get the buff and go through the barrier immediately.

Locus of Communion – Boss
The Boss on the Glykon is a Hangman from the Forsaken Expansion. He can do massive AOE damage with a maul which he slams into the ground, sending flames at you and your teammates.

This room is filled with other mobs as well. Clear them out and inflict damage to the Locus which will force him to drop down to the lower floor.

This floor is lit up from the ship’s boilers so dropping down as it is would be a very bad idea. Instead, you need to activate 3 coolant panels on the top level of the room to douse the flames.

There are 2 coolant panels on either end of the room and the 3rd coolant panel is in the middle, inside a small room that is also ablaze and will inflict burning damage on you.

The best way of turning on all 3 is to turn on the 2 on either side of the room first and then go for the 3rd one. As soon as you turn it on, the flames in the small room will also go out which will save you from the burning damage.

Now that the coolants are activated, you can drop down and fight the Locus once again.

You don’t have much cover on this floor so if you are in a pinch, just jump on the upper level & drop down once you regain your strength.

There are holes in the ground that you can use to flank the Locus and backstab him. Once you deplete a third of the bosses’ health, the boilers will activate again, forcing you to go on the upper floor.

Just repeat the process of clearing out the mobs and turning on the coolant panels to go back down there and defeat the Locus.

The mission will be completed and you can get Dead Man’s Tale from the Bridge of the Glykon.

If you didn’t get the weapon, don’t worry. Just talk to Zavala back at the Tower and you should get it.

Pinnacle and Rolls
You can play the mission again to get different roles on the Exotic Scout Rifle as well as Pinnacle drops.

We have run the mission a few times and gathered the following info:

  • You can only get 1 new Dead Man’s Tale roll per account per week
  • Presage gives you 3 Pinnacle drops per week, 1 per character
  • If you run the mission on alternate characters, you will be given random Pinnacle loot drops.

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