How to Get Amulet Coins in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Ever wondered how would it feel getting double the cash for every battle you fight? Amulet Coin is here to fulfill this dream of yours. Here we have described the way it works and How to Get Amulet Coins in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to Get Amulet Coins in Pokemon Sword and Shield

So first of all, talking about the benefit of having an Amulet Coin with yourself, is the double cash reward system. Getting double the cash for every battle you fight, you will feel more like the Bill Gates of Pokemon. You will not have to think before buying anything!

Talking specifically, who doesn’t want to buy more Poke balls, Potions and Revives? Without the Amulet Coin, you might have to think a thousand times before buying any of these, but thankfully now, the Amulet coin gives you the confidence that you can earn the cash back faster than ever!

So before proceeding towards the location and how to get one, let’s talk about to how use it so that if you have already acquired one, you must know quick.

To use the Amulet Coin, you need to enter into the battle by having the Amulet coin in your Pokemon’s hands. For this, just go into your bag and equip the Amulet coin to your favorite Pokemon. Then get into the battle against the trainers and fighting that battle will reward you with double the cash!

Make sure you follow the above procedure as there is no other way of getting the advantage of your Amulet Coin.

Where is Amulet coin located
At the Motostoke outskirts, outside the Motostoke and near to the Galar Mine 2 area, you will find a blue sign when you exit the mine.

Behind the blue sign, you will find a Poke ball, and in that ball, you will find the doubling treasure- The Amulet Coin.

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