How to Get All Bridal Dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

At the end of Chapter 9, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith are going to be presented to Don Corneo where he is going to choose among these three who will be his wife. To look fancy and to earn an achievement, you need some dresses and here we will show you How to Get All Bridal Dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

How to Get All Bridal Dresses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a total of 9 dresses, three for each, Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud. So you make some choices in Chapters 3, 8, and 9 through which the dresses are chosen.

Choices of chapter 3 choose dresses for Tifa, choices in chapter 8 chooses dresses for Aerith and the choices in chapter 9 choose dresses for Cloud.

You unlock one dress on every playthrough and you have to finish the story once after which you can jump between the chapters in order to quickly unlock all the nine dresses.

Since all three have to wear a dress after Chapter 9, the choice for each character’s dress is going to be made after Chapter 9 when the dresses for all characters have been unlocked. This is also going to unlock the Dressed to the Nines trophy/achievement.

Chapter 3 – Tifa Dresses
There is a total of six side quests in chapter 3 and after you have completed all six quests, it is going to trigger the Discovery Event in your bedroom.

After you do the Discovery Event, you have to choose between the dresses and the choices will be followed as such

Choose “Something Exotic?” which is the black dress with a bow

Choose “Something…sporty?” which is the black maxi dress.

Choose “Something Mature.” which is the blue dress.

Chapter 8 – Aerith Dresses
Again, there is a total of six quests in chapter 8 and the dresses that you get for Aerith depend on the number of quests you do instead of the dialogues you pick.

Doing 0/6 quests rewards you with a very simple, knee-length pink dress.

Doing 3/6 quests rewards you with a long pink dress.

Doing 6/6 quests rewards you with a long red dress.

Chapter 9 – Cloud Dresses
There is a set of two different quests in Chapter 9 which decides the dress you are going to get for Cloud. The constant is going to be the quests, Burning Thighs which remains the same regardless of the set you use.

If you do not choose any quests, you get a green dress.

If you choose Chocobo Sam’s quests, The Party Never Stops, A Dynamite Body, and Burning Thighs, then you are going to get blue and black dress.

If you choose Madam M’s quests, The Price of Thievery, Shears’ Counterattack, Burning Thighs, and then you get the white dress