How to Get a Surfboard in Temtem

In Temtem a number of places feature water bodies and to cross them, you will need to get yourself a surfboard. You will also require the surfboard to make progress in certain main and side quests. So we will show you how to get a Surfboard in Temtem.

At the start of the game, you will not have access to a surfboard, and you will have to unlock it. In this guide, we will show you how to get a Surfboard in the game.

How to Get a Surfboard in Temtem

The surfboard can be obtained by completing the First Steps main quest. You receive the Surfboard from beating Sophia during the First Steps quest.

This quest is the very first quest of the game and is received when you complete your character completion.

Quest Objectives

  • Start your journey

This Step is completed by selecting dialog options while talking to Aina. Any of the dialog options are acceptable here.

Join Professor Konstantinos.

You can find Professor at his lab. Head East to reach the lab. Here you will have to choose your first Starter Temtem. After choosing your starter Temtem, meet the Professor outside.

Catch up with Max and the Professor in Briçal de Mar.

Now Max, your rival, will duel you outside. As part of the story, you cannot win this duel. Professor Konstantinos will give you a Tuwai, 6x Balm, and 6x TemCard for your effort.

Then head north and follow the path through the Prasine Coast. Capture at least 1 Temtem to assist in a later step. You can return to your house and speak with Aina to heal your Temtem.

Acquire a map from Luisouvenirs and train with Sophia.

Luisouvenirs is located near the entrance of Briçal de Mar. Show Luis any Temtem caught on the Prasine Coast to acquire an Archipelago Map. After that, head north across the Thalassian Cliffs to reach Arissola.

Speak to the Dojo doorman, he will tell you Sophia isn’t her. Look for Sophia beyond the Gifted Bridges. Sophia is at the bottom of the Windward Fort, stuck in a cell. Find the keys and free Sophia.

To find the key to Sophia’s cell, continue past the cage that has Sophia and head to the top floor of the fort. You will have to battle Lady Lottie, you receive the Fort Windward key after that.

After getting the key, return to Sophia’s cell at the bottom of the fort. Get back to the Arissola Dojo and challenge Sophia to train your temtem. You receive the Surfboard from beating Sophia.

Sail in the Narwhal

Exit the Dojo and head west to reach the airship terminal on the far side of Arissola. Find Tihani in Turquesa. Turquesa is in the far south east corner of Deniz.

After finding Tihanu, return to the airship terminal in Arissola and speak with Agustin. This will trigger a difficult battle with your rival Max. Be Prepared. Keep in mind that you do not have to beat Max to finish the quest.


  • One of 3 starter Temtem
  • Tuwai
  • Temessence phial
  • Surfboard
  • Airship ticket

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