How to Get a Horse in Mordhau

Having a horse in Mordhau is fun, makes things more convenient, and ups your chances of survival greatly. Therefore, needless to say, you should probably get around to getting a horse. We’ve prepared this handy little Mordhau Horse Guide that will tell you all you need to know about obtaining and using a horse in the game.

Getting a Horse in Mordhau

Horses spawn at any point on the map seemingly at random. This makes it so that there’s no sure way to obtain one so you should keep your eyes open. The second you spot it, head towards it to safely catch it before someone else does.

Once you’ve obtained your steed, you can cause havoc through a variety of weapons and armaments while maneuvering around the battlefield and dodging enemies.

You can use melee weapons as well as bows and arrows but the horse’s movement speed may disorient you. It takes a while to learn and there’s a very good chance you might accidentally crash and kill yourself the first few tries.

It’s also difficult to make split-second movements to avoid projectiles but no matter how many times you get knocked, you’ve just gotta… get back on the horse. Just keep these in mind and you’ll be all set.