How to Get a Crossbow in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Currently, Mount and Blade 2 only has one type of crossbow and in this guide, we will show you How to Get a Crossbow in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.

While technically there are more than one type of crossbow in the game which can be used in the multiplayer mode but in single-player mode we currently have only one type of crossbow and in order to be able to use it the player must be at a level of 20 in the crossbow skill.

How to Get a Crossbow in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

There is another tricky way in which you can get the crossbow without even getting to level 20 in crossbow skill.

In order to use the crossbow without leveling up in Bannerlord, you need to follow some of the steps which we are going to mention below.

Gather an army and most importantly gather a number of crossbowmen. Mercenary guards are equipped with crossbows and are cheaper and easy to find which are already trained in taverns.

You need to assure that your crossbowmen are at the very start of the list in your army. No need to increase their number from 5 or 6. Later on, put close combat soldiers.

After doing that you need to find a good bandit hideout. Don’t opt for the one which is to hard or the one with few enemies. You need to decide between 10 or 15 enemies or max 20 if you are good enough.

Also, don’t go for forest bandits are they are mostly equipped with longbowmen which are really difficult to deal with. West coast is an ideal position as it is filled with hideouts and none of them are forest bandits.

After arriving at one of the hideouts make sure no bandit is in range of your archers. After that press F4 to order your archers to fire at will due to which they will pull out their crossbows.

Once you pull out your bow, locate one of your crossbowmen, aim and fire at his face until he dies.

After he dies, the next thing which you can do is press and hold the ALT key. With this, items will be highlighted which you can pick up from the ground.

Once the crossbow and arrows are highlighted of your crossbowmen which you killed, you can pick it up. At that point, you don’t need to be at a level of 20 because the game gives you permission to pick up items from the battleground.

Press F4 again so that your archers hold fire and at this point, you don’t want your army to kill the targets.

Use the map as a guide and do some killing with the crossbow which you acquired. Make sure you don’t wander far from your enemy so that they are there to help you if things get dirty.

If the boss shows up, shoot him in the head also just like the way you did to one of your crossbow man in order to acquire to the crossbow.

So this is another way tricky way to acquire to crossbow before even getting at the level of 20. Follow these easy steps and crossbow will be yours in Mount and Blade 2.

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