How to Get 4-Star Photos in New Pokemon Snap

Throughout this Guide, we will be telling you How to Get 4-Star Photos in Pokemon Snap and discuss everything about the photo scoring system.

Throughout this guide, we will be telling you how to get 4-Star Photos in New Pokemon Snap and discuss the photo scoring system and ways to improve your overall photography score in Pokemon Snap.

How to Get 4-Star Photos in New Pokemon Snap

Photo scores in Pokemon Snap are awarded by Professor Mirror, who resides in the Lental region. These Scores range from 1-star being the lowest and 4-start being the highest. He judges your snaps based on quite a few things, and depending on how rare these factors are in your snap, an adequate score is given. With 4 being the highest score, it is quite tough to achieve.

Factors Affecting Photo Scores
As you roam around the Lental region and take pictures, there are a few things you must take into account if you wish to snap high-scoring pictures. Professor Mirror will rate your snaps based on the following things

  • The rarity of the subject
  • The Pokemon’s pose
  • Pokemon’s position and what is it facing
  • The background of the picture
  • Presence of other Pokemon in the picture

How to Improve Your Score
You can improve your snap score by making sure that you are clicking it at the appropriate time. If a rare event is happening and you snap that, then your score will higher. The time of day and the location also plays a huge part in boosting your score.

You should make sure that the subject is in the center of the image and as large as possible. Pokemon change their poses depending on the situation. If they are interacting with another Pokemon and the angle is perfect, such a snap should net you 4 stars with ease.

Using Items to Change Poses
Using different items around Pokemon can also change their behavior as well as their poses. If you throw a Fluffruit at a Pokemon, they will get angry, and a picture taken at that time will score at least 2 or 3 stars.

Using Illumina Orbs on some Pokemon can cause them to give unique reactions. And if you are there from the right angle and at the right time, you got yourself a neat snap that should be worth 4-Stars easily.

Snapping Mythical and Legendary Pokemon from the appropriate angles and distance can also guarantee a 4-Star snap as well. After your snaps have been graded, they appear in the Photodex for you to view later, and you can challenge your snap scores if you want as well.

Now that you know the basics of How to Get 4-Star Photos in Pokemon Snap, you are ready to set out and snap some amazing pictures for Professor Mirror.

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