How to Gather Resources in Satisfactory

In our Satisfactory guide, we will give you tips on How to Gather Resources in Satisfactory so that you may easily build the mega factory of your dreams.

How to Gather Resources in Satisfactory

Without the much-needed resources, you can’t expect to play Satisfactory as the game is based on collecting resources and utilizing them.

Luckily once you find the resources you will not have to worry about them getting short. Surely you need to find resources like wood and iron before you can utilize them.

Therefore, in the following guide gathering resources will be the main focus.

Roaming Around
The open-world has a lot to offer when it comes to gathering resources like wood in Satisfactory. Furthermore, the only way to find iron ores is to roam around in the open world.

When you find an iron deposit you can easily mine it and extract the iron which you will need for constructing your HUB and other structures.

Your character can easily gather the resources found in the ores on the surface but for special deposits, you will have to put in some time.

Portable Miners
These handy machines will surely make your resource mining process much more efficient! You will not only save a lot of time with these but also will be able to gather more resources.

The portable miners can be placed on the resource deposit and they will start mining!

The most important and favorable aspect of the game is that these resources are unlimited so your portable miner can gather as much resources as you want but you will have to carry these to a building or a warehouse!

Make sure you find the deposits nearby so that you can minimize the travel time and take the mined resources back to your warehouses.

Mighty Miner MK1
By far the most effective way of gathering the resources is using the Miner MK1! This machine ensures worry less mining process which is not only most efficient but also most effective!

Once set on a resource deposit this miner will not only extract the resources but also take them to the warehouse through the connected conveyor belt.

You will have access to this miner after upgrading your HUB and this will also require converted iron and copper ore to construct.

A steady supply of electricity will also be required but once all the requirements are met you will have a fully automated resource extraction process