How to Fix Wasteland 3 Crashes, Stuttering, Co-op, Performance Issues and More

Wasteland 3 is now available on PC through Steam and even though the release was smooth, there are issues that still give players a hard time. We tried collecting some of the most annoying issues in Wasteland 3 right now, like crashes, error messages, and performance issues. If you are having issues running the game, take a look at the fixes below.

Crash at Startup

The general fix for crashes in all types of games is first checking that your OS is up to date. If not, make sure to download and install them before anything else. Next up, check your GPU drivers and whether they too are updated. If those still don’t work then try whitelisting Wasteland 3 from your firewall and anti-virus as this helps with most crashes related to security.

We should note at this point that Windows 7 is not supported so if your system is running that version of Windows, you’re bound to have issues throughout the game. Last but not least, make sure you have VCRedist 2019 installed. If you don’t, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2019 and run the file vc_redist.x64.exe. Remember to reboot your computer after the installation is complete.

Stuttering / Performance Issues

Those are most likely tied to your GPU settings so you can try disabling Gsync or Freesync if any of those are enabled. Next up, you’d want to go to your game’s settings and check if any of the applied graphics options are straining your GPU. You can check that by lowering all graphics settings and pumping them up one by one until you figure what the issue is. If you’re 100% sure that this is not the issue, check your Task Manager for any programs or browser tabs that cap your RAM or CPU usage. Hitting 100% usage is the most common reason for a game to struggle keeping up with framerates and smooth gameplay besides graphics settings.

In-Game Crashes

If you’re experiencing in-game crashes, you first want to check all available fixes we mentioned above. Players have reported that random crashes or black screens could also be an issue with Windows media files. You’ll need to download them here and install them as instructed. Reboot your computer after installation and check if the issues have subsided. You can also try verifying your game’s files through Steam in case some of your files weren’t installed properly.

Co-op Issues

Players are experiencing game-breaking issues related to its co-op mode right now and this is a known issue that the developers will fix. You can try verifying your game files and whitelist Wasteland 3 from your firewall and antivirus. If those don’t fix the issue then your best bet is to wait for the next patch to hit Steam.


Game not Saving

The first thing you want to do in that case is run the game as administrator and check if you can now save your game properly. If this isn’t working, try verifying your game files and doing the firewall whitelisting fix.

Fixed Issues

Here’s a list of all issues that the developers have already fixed in the previous patch. If you haven’t already, make sure to download the latest patch before you start trying any other fixing method.

  • Your selection reticle will get stuck when browsing your inventory if you choose a weapon that a character has equipped and then swap to a character that doesn’t have a weapon equipped in the same slot.
  • The move/attack range outlines for the Kodiak don’t show up properly in the tank’s movement grid.
  • The action bar can be selectable underneath some menus and screens.
  • Selection boxes may appear offscreen, and UI selections may double up.
  • The reputation of world map merchants is always displayed as Neutral when you speak with them regardless of their actual reputation. This is just a display issue.
  • HIt chances for enemies are not showing up as often as intended.
  • Guests can’t rejoin a co-op lobby game after quitting.
  • Sending a chat message when selecting a starting duo in co-op will actually start the game.
  • The Player Options menu in the co-op lobby can’t be closed unless you select something.
  • In console versions of the game, co-op guests who use a deployable to pull an enemy into combat will crash the game.
  • Guests may be unable to equip preorder bonus weapons if they are dropped and traded in a co-op session.
  • Some of the Kodiak’s weapons don’t deal damage when you ambush enemies.
  • Some Downtown Colorado Springs NPCs are shivering instead of playing their normal idle dialogue.
  • If you aim elsewhere after targeting an AOE in combat, the enemies may stay highlighted.
  • Enemies will sometimes get stuck in a walk cycle when seeking cover.

InXile Entertainment is already addressing some of the most annoying known issues in Wasteland 3 like crashes and bugs right now. Most of them shall be fixed in the days to come. If after the next patch you still have issues, you should try running all general fix methods mentioned above. Needless to say that you should keep your game up to date to avoid any inconvenience and any technical issues.

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