How to Fix The Division Errors, Black Screen, Crashes, FPS, Bugs, Connection and Related Issues

After a long wait and multiple delays, Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division has finally been released for PC, Xbox One and PS4. While the console owners aren’t facing any technical issues, PC users, like most of the times, are experiencing bugs, errors, crashes and other related issues.

However, the good thing is that Ubisoft isn’t ignoring all the reports coming in and are ensuring to fix things with time. As for servers, they are already monitoring the situation closely and trying to provide a seamless experience for the players.

In the meanwhile, we have compiled a list of issues The Division has been facing with possible workarounds. You can try these to fix the problem and hope that the next patch addresses any other unsolvable problems soon.

The Division Errors, Crashes, Bugs, Black Screen and other Related problems with Fixes

#1 The Division Intro Black Screen Fix
On launching the game, if you are only seeing a black screen with music in the background, you should try pressing Alt+Enter. If that doesn’t resolve the black screen issue, you should try running the game in the windowed mode.

To do that, in your Launch options (in Steam) set the game to run in ‘windowed’ mode. When the game starts in windowed mode, you can press Alt+Enter now to get to full screen. Just make sure that the resolution you are using in-game, should be supported by your screen or you will get the black screen.

#2 The Division Delta 20010186 Error Fix
The error will occur if you are unable to connect to the servers. There could be two reasons; one the servers are actually down or your router is unable to establish the proper connection.

To resolve the latter issue, you should make sure that your firewall/antivirus tool is not blocking your game. You also need to check if the required ports are open or not. This should fix your connectivity issue.


#3 The Division Game Minimizing on Launch
The issue is being faced by a lot of users but luckily there is a potential fix and it might very well work for you too. Fist, go to /My Documents/My Games/The Division/ and open the file state.cfg via a text document.

Find the value that says “FullScreen” and set it to true. Save the settings and disable any background applications you might be running.

If it doesn’t fix The Division minimize issue, you should delete The Division folder from /My Documents/My Games/The Division/ altogether. On launching the game again, it will create a new folder and hopefully it will work fine this time.

#4 The Division Crashes With or Without a Message
There are a few things you can try out to fix The Division crash issue. First, as mentioned in #3, try disabling your background applications. If you are an Nvidia user and have the latest drivers installed, try rolling back to previous version as there have been reports about the drivers being unstable.

The crashes could also occur due to missing or faulty files so it’s recommended that you verify your game files either via Steam or Uplay.

#5 The Division Faulty Module Crashes
If you are not sure (you aren’t getting a message) what is causing your game to crash, you can use MSINFO file to pinpoint your crash. How to do that? Follow these simple steps:

Hold down the Windows key on the keyboard and press ‘R’ to open a command prompt.
Click OK

Here you can check the application crash related to The Division. Mostly it will .dll file related. In that case, you can the relevant solution easily and fix the issue.

#6 The Division Connectivity Issues
Since The Division is an online game, connectivity issues are expected to be common. The problems including latency, disconnection, unable to connect etc could be due to multiple reasons. So step-by-step general troubleshooting is best way to resolve the problem permanently.​

#7 The Division Performance Issues/Bad FPS
If latest Nvidia drivers are stable for you, there is no reason to roll them back. Try lowering your visual settings a bit and see if the performance is improved. However, if you are experiencing crashes, rolling back your drivers could also resolve the performance issues.

If you are using a laptop, just make sure that your machine is plugged in while gaming. If there are any other applications running in the background, try closing them.

If you are using multiple screens setup, disconnect one of your screens while you are installing the latest Nvidia driver and it should not present you any problem. As for AMD users, there haven’t been many reports about any performance related issues.

#8 The Division Controller Plugged in Issue
If your game is not taking input from your keyboard or your mouse then this means that you have a peripheral connected. Disable/remove it to solve the issue. You will have to restart your game to make it work.

#9 The Division Bugs
Some of the bugs and issues have already been listed as known by the developer. So if you are facing any of these issues, just follow the workaround or wait for the next patch to arrive.

#10 The Division Crashes After the First Screen
If you are facing this issue and you have also tried verifying your game files. You should try downloading the game again from Uplay. I know it’s a hectic task but if you want to get into the game as soon as possible, it’s worth a shot.

If you are facing any other issues (errors, crashes, bugs, black screen etc), do share with us in the comments below.