How to Fix PlayStation 5 Known Issues, Data Transfer, Freezes, Crashes and Other Problems

Are you experiencing errors that may be known issues on the Playstation 5? Here is what you can do to keep your console safe for now.

Playstation 5 is finally here, marking a new era of intense exclusive titles, no loading times and superb graphics. Despite its mouthwatering specs, the Playstation 5 does come with some known issues with its release. Sony will address those in the next few days. In the meantime, we provide you with some workarounds you can try.

Data Transfering from PS4 Results to Freeze

Many players report that while trying to transfer games and progress from their Playstation 4, it results in their screen freezing. This is an issue that is categorized as a known issue and Sony will address it as soon as possible. For the time being, what you can do is refrain from transferring data to the Playstation 5. You can still safely do any updates and move save data, so you can take the time to wait for the company to release a hotfix. Players also suggest that you should not use the rear USB ports or the LAN port yet as they result in freezes.

PS5 Freezes

If your console is frozen, either by data transfer or any other way, please do not unplug or start pressing the power button to restart it. This is the main reason why, a day after launch, we already have broken consoles. Apart from that, you should not use the LAN port or an external hard drive at this point. A little patience goes a long way.

PS5 Crash at Rest Mode

Yet another freezing issue with the Playstation 5 includes its rest mode. For the time being, you should fully shut down your console instead of putting it in sleep mode. Sony will address this issue soon. To do so, go to Settings and then choose “Don’t put in rest mode” under “Set time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode”.

Dualsense Controller Update Error

This is an issue that has many fans wondering what is happening. However, the cause of this is so straightforward it hurts. To fully update your Dualsense in a console update, make sure to keep it plugged in for the entirety of the update. If you find out that you were affected by this issue then you should do a factory reset and start the PS5 initial setup from the beginning.

HDMI Distorting Image/Not Working

This is a problem that is relevant to those that use third party HDMI cables other than the one included with the Playstation 5. While this shouldn’t be a problem, you should stick with the official cable since it will cause no problems.

PlayStation 5 Error Codes

Since PS5 is a PlayStation family console, there are many error codes that will mean the same thing for PS5 same as for other consoles. So if you are getting a specific error code, you should refer to this list. Just match the code you are getting and read the explanation.

Playstation Network Connection

If your console can’t connect to the network, then you might need to check for any pending updates on your console. It’s easy to overlook new updates when getting a new console and you are impatient to play but the first week patches are always the most important.

These are all the known issues that the Playstation 5 has for now. These apply to a general category of issues. Basically, you’ll need to refrain from using HDD, the real USB and LAN ports, remember to keep your Dualsense plugged in during the initial setup, don’t put your console to rest mode, don’t hard reset it, and don’t transfer files from your PS4 just yet. Sony will come up with a patch soon so that most of those issues subside.

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