How To Finish The Secret Spider Vision Triumph In Destiny 2

So the Destiny 2 has got a new mystery, it has the Destiny 2 community much of the heartache over the past few days or for a week or so. This mystery has been added to the Festival of the Lost Secret Triumph and here in this guide, we have uncovered this mystery and how to solve it. So now you guys will know how to finish this secret Spider Vision Triumph newly added to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Spider Vision Triumph

There are many conflicting stories about this secret spider vision triumph but this method that we did here is fully reasonable and will get you this triumph. First of all, you need to go and visit Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard.

Buy the Festival Charm from her, it will cost you 100 candy. This festival charm will increase the number of chocolate strange coins awarded to you for activity completion and Haunted forest, so basically it is just an extra bonus but also necessary for this Triumph activity.

Go to the Haunted forest and do make it sure that you have Festival charm with you in inventory. After getting to the haunted forest, consume the festival charm and play through the Haunted Forest, and keep in mind to aim down the sight as you go on that killing spree.

You will see that the Triumph will automatically complete after a while as you are proceeding through the Haunted Forest.

Basically, this is it from The Secret Spider Vision Triumph. There is nothing too tricky about and we noticed that most of the mystery to this triumph is due to the fact that it is added just this week mysteriously.

There can be some other conflicting opinions on the completion of this triumph but this method works every time and also we have visited the Haunted Forest without the festival charm and the triumph did not complete as it did with festival charm.

So this is the complete method about this triumph. One thing you might notice is that when you do complete this triumph, nothing happens on screen.

We cannot tell why is that, this can be a game thing or a bug, but you will see the usual message flashing on the bottom of the screen and that will let you know that the Spider Vision Triumph is completed.