How to Find The Divide Hunter Mask in The Division 2

With the release of Warlords of New York expansion of The Division 2, 8 new hunters have been added to the game. 4 of these hunters are in Washington and 4 in New York. This guide will show you how to Find the Divide Hunter Mask in The Division 2 by defeating one of them.

You can take down these new Division 2 hunters to collect their masks as well as the new Off-White keys which much like the Ivory Keys can be used to open up a new chest in Haven settlement.

How to Find The Divide Hunter Mask in The Division 2

Unlike the Psycho and Drip Hunter encounters, Divide is a bit easier although it can still be challenging if you aren’t well prepared.

Before moving on with the steps for this mask, make sure the world is in night time. Your first stop is North-East of the Control Point in the Financial District. Here, you will see flag poles with flags missing. Interact with the generator on the ground next to a pole with a missing flag.

Start your quest for the Divide Hunter Mask only after 9 PM. Interacting with the generator will cause the lights in the center to fluctuate indicating that your hunt for the four missing flags has now started.

For the first flag, head to the waterfront Control Point; the flag can be found if you head out of the back of the Loot Room, and go down the ramp. It is in front of the boat.

The second flag can be found by Pier 26. Go under the bus archway, and keep following the wall to your right where you will come across a flag in the rubble.

The third flag can be found towards the Celebration Hotel Control point. Here, you will find a building resting on top of a pile of rubble with a yellow tarp. Climb up and keep going on the route to your right, you should come across a flag right before the ladder.

The fourth flag is found near the Food Bank Safe House. Go to the flooded area right outside the safehouse, interact with the yellow machine to drain out all the water from the area. A flag will be right behind you in the corner once the water goes away.

After acquiring all the flags, head back to the area with the empty flags and start hanging all the flags. Interact with the generator and a Hunter will spawn. Defeat the Hunter as you did before to get a Divide mask and an off-white key.

You are all set for your Halloween party with these new masks in your arsenal; a really bloody one that is.

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