How to Find Glowing Crystabloom in New Pokemon Snap

We will be showing you how to discover Glowing Crystablooms in this guide for Pokemon Snap, by showing you locations for Woobat and Frillish.

Finding a Glowing Crystabloom is a task that you’ll be assigned, as a part of the challenges in the new Pokemon Snap. We’ll be showing you How to Find Glowing Crystabloom in Pokemon Snap.

How to Find Glowing Crystabloom in New Pokemon Snap

To unlock the Illumina Orbs for the Marciopia Islands, you must snap a picture of a Pokemon going through the process of Illumina. The Pokemon you’re looking for is Frillish and Woobat as both give you Orbs of their respective color.

Where To Find Frillish
Frillish is located at both Research levels 1 and 2 of the Lental Seafloor Undersea course. Keep traveling underwater till you reach the initial underwater cavern. Once there, you’ll come across a Wailmer troubling a random Pokemon; this is how you know that you’re in the right spot.

Go down the cavern, and you’ll find Frillish hiding behind a ledge on your right. To lure it out, you must throw some Fluffruit, and it’ll come into sight instantly out of curiosity. This is your golden opportunity to zoom in a bit and take the snap. The professor will be able to make use of the picture to make Glowing Crystablooms.

Pink Illumina Orbs
Take the snap back to the lab and hand it over to Professor Mirror to access the Pink Illumina Orbs.

These Orbs come in handy on the Lental Seafloor as a part of any Crystablooms. Once you’ve successfully activated the Glowing Crystablooms, you’re able to do wonders with them.

Where To Find Woobat
As compared to Frillish, Woobat is relatively easy to find. It’s located at both Research Levels 1 and 2 of the Ruins of Remembrance Ruins course. Go down the cave area, and you’ll come across a well next to the cavern.

Use the same tactic by throwing a Fluffruit to lure the Pokemon out of its hiding spot, and zoom in to take a snap.

Gold Illumina Orbs
Once the snap is taken, return to the lab with the Glowing Crystablooms and hand it over to Professor Mirror to get access to the Gold Illumina Orbs.

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