How to Find an Unlimited Ammo Capacity Gun in Fallout 4

Like the sound of an unlimited ammo capacity gun for Fallout 4? Well its out there waiting to be discovered. Read where you can find it here.

If you spend enough time around the wastelands of Fallout 4 you’ll know there are plenty of weapons to discover. One laser rifle is waiting to be found that has an unlimited ammo capacity.

Based on VG27’s instructions the place to travel to is University Point. You’ll find that it is a big place to explore, but what you are looking for is the bank. When you find it don’t go for the main entrance don’t enter the bank yet, instead go to the left and you’ll find a restaurant. There you’ll find a terminal and a steel door that will lead you to the University Credit Union.

Before trying to open the door first you’ll need to go upstairs, up two flights where you’ll find yet another terminal. This will contain the Mayor’s notes and also Geral’s Vault Password which will be required for later.

Return to the terminal downstairs and hack it to unlock the door, this will give you access to the bank. Go down to the vault, this is where you’ll need to use Gerald’s password to open the door. Don’t forget to pick up some of the loot you’ll find inside.

Inside of this vault you’ll notice that there are a number of safes, the important one is the one with the red button. If you have the lock picking skills, the other safes have plenty of loot waiting for you if you want to obtain it. The gun is hiding in a secret room though, so press the red button and you’ll find a secret door will opens. This door leads to the secret lab where you’ll discover the Prototype Up77 Limitless Potential Laser rifle.


With an unlimited ammo capacity you’ll never need to reload the gun, though you can run out of fusion cells. Being able to just hold the trigger without having to worry about reload time though makes this a good gun to have.

Have you found the Prototype Up77 Limitless Potential Laser rifle yet? Let us know your thoughts on the weapon below.

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