How to Fight Mules in Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, there are a number of Hostile Creatures, and Mules are one of them. This Death Stranding guide will help you know about Mules and guide you on how to fight them, should you choose to go against a group of them.

Fight Mules in Death Stranding

Mules are human enemies that possess an unknown illness and they will try to steal your cargo. Mules tend to stay in groups, while they stack stolen cargo in their camps. These camps may include cargo and items stolen from other players as well.

You can use a surveying detector to search for any mules that are near you. The surveying detector can also be used to detect the cargo which may be carried by a mule.

I will advise that you drop your cargo before you engage towards mules as the cargo will slow you down. You will also drop your cargo if you’re getting hit by mules, and this may damage your package.

Another piece of equipment that can be used to deal with mules is the bola, you can easily bind mules down by using it.

You can lure mules by carrying an empty package since the hostile creatures get enticed by almost just about as anything that smells or looks like a package. It is always better to approach the mules from the back to ensure a stealthy attack, as you can just tie them up and knock them out.

Consider tackling the mules down if one of them observes a defensive stance which will allow them to be defensive. Although you will only be able to do this if you don’t possess any cargo in your hands.

As a last resort, you can consider throwing your cargo towards mules to stop them. Though this will damage or even break your cargo, so only do this if you are left with no choice, or if you like to throw big packages at infected people.

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