How to Fight BTs (Beached Things) In Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, there are many threats that you will face as you travel through the mighty terrain. One such threat is the Beached Things also known as BTs. BTs exist on the ‘Other Side’ and appear during the ‘Timefall’. Beached Things are one of the more dangerous hostiles in the game which are invisible. In this guide, we will give you tips on how to fight the BTs or Beached Things in Death Stranding.

A dangerous part of BTs is that they will be invisible to you until you are too close to them. If you get in their grasp, they will grab you and throw you right in front of the larger monster the Giant BT.

How to Fight BTs In Death Stranding

The game will give you an early warning before you get close to a BT. The first warning will be the start of Timefall. Timefall is the strange rainy weather of the game which speeds up time. You will be able to spot the start of Timefall as the game slows down for a moment and hood of your outfit automatically pops up.

The second warning is getting caught in the black Timefall. The game will slow down again and Odradek will activate. Odradek is your radar system that can scan and spot BTs.

It will start displaying a series of signals to help detect invisible enemies. The closer you get to a BT, the faster Odradek will flip. If you get away from BT’s location, the Timefall will end and Odradek will turn off after giving you a thumbs up.

If you have a BB connected to Odradek, it can scan the BT clearer. In addition, it will also mark the nearest BT in range. Keep in mind that while using Odradek, keeping still is necessary as you will not be able to spot them if you are moving.

If a BT is near you, hold your breath to avoid detection. Beached things are unable to see you but they can hear you. So make as less noise when in a Timefall to avoid BTs.

How to Kill Beached Things

At the start of the game, you won’t have any weapons to fight with BTs. So avoid them as much as you can. But if you are attacked by it at the beginning of the story, you can use EX grenades to get them out of your way. You get these grenades at the start of the story. These grenades won’t kill the BTs but will distract them enough for you to run away.

As you progress, you will unlock more powerful hematic grenades which will be able to kill the BTs.

While small BTs will die from a single grenade, the Giant BT will be tougher to take down. It will take about 15 hematic grenades to kill it. You can try to run if you don’t have enough resources to take on the Giant BT.

At a certain point, proper weapons will be unlocked so it will eventually get easier to face of the BTs, like assault rifles that fire rounds coated in Sam’s blood or a grenade that coats the BT in Sam’s blood

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