How to Feint in Mordhau

Mordhau has an insane depth to its combat mechanics and getting around all the concepts can take a lot of time and practice. Here to make it easy for you in terms of one of those mechanics, the Feint, we’ve put together a brief How to Feint in Mordhau Guide. You can use it to understand the technique better and know how and when to use it in Mordhau.

How to Feint in Mordhau

Although most of the time, it’d come to you or your enemy to initiate an attack, some occasions will demand the utmost patience.

These cases arise when neither you nor your opponent is letting their guard down resulting in a deadlock and no window of attack for either side.

At this point, it’s fitting for you to execute a tricky move or “pretend” to do so by faking your attack or “feinting”. This will provoke your enemy into making a rushed response that’d be parrying, counter-attacking, or blocking.

Therefore, you’ll have succeeded in throwing off the enemy’s guard and put the pressure on with a real strike this time around.

This is because either of those actions will reduce your opponent’s stamina. It should be noted that the technique of feint works in one-on-one duels and won’t be suitable against multiple enemies at once.

As for executing the feint flawlessly, you need to cancel your attack animation (just as you initiate an attack) by pressing the “Q” key.

If you’re not so sure, you can always try this move against AI opponents in the Horde Mode without fearing to die at the hands of a real player.

There’s also a different way you can go about the Feint technique in Mordhau but it’s not as effective as the attack-canceling route described above. This works as an alternative if you’re really struggling with the timing of a flawless feint.

Instead of pressing “Q” to cancel an attack, you need to press block (RMB) as soon as you initiate an attack. The outcome is same i.e. the attack doesn’t come out yet you recover slightly slower compared to canceling it with the Q key.

Canceling the stabbing attack into a feint is much faster and less-telegraphic than doing so with a swipe attack. Do note that feinting an attack consumes a little portion of your stamina so use the tactic wisely.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to end up on the wrong footing because of a bad decision you made.

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