How to Fast Travel in The Outer Worlds

The Outer World presents players with an easy-to-use Fast Travel Mechanism in the game. It is a very important mechanism as the game features vast open-world locations with no alternate mode of transportation so constantly walking across the roads and mountains can get tiring. That is exactly why we will teach you how to Fast Travel in the game with this guide.

How to Fast Travel in The Outer Worlds

You will unlock fast travel once you have discovered Edgewater during the start of the game.

For Fast Travelling, you basically have to discover the place by actually visiting it once. The icon will then appear on the map of the discovered location.

Once the icon appears the location is then available for fast travel. All you have to do is open your map, select the location you wish to fast travel to and that’s it.

As easy as pie. You can fast travel to pretty much any major location in the game. Of course, that means if you came across a random settlement with just two houses in it, you can’t fast travel to it later.

Limitations on Fast Travel

Keep in mind you cannot fast travel when in closed locations that need to be loaded e.g big buildings. You must be in an open area to fast travel. Also, having too many items on you also keeps you from fast traveling.

Carrying too many items means that you are encumbered and cannot fast travel with this much weight. However, this can be solved by using the tier 1 perk “Traveler” that you get in the game.

Fast traveling between planets is only possible in your ship, Unreliable, however, once on a planet, you can fast travel to any pre-discovered location on that planet.

Do Enemies and Loot Respawn?

Once you have cleared through an area, enemies and loot will not respawn when you fast travel back to that location.

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