How to Fast Travel in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint throws players on to the huge map of Auroa. It has it’s ups and downs from high mountains to deep trenches and you will need plenty of time to cover the whole map on foot. There are vehicles available in the game but there is a faster, actually fastest way to travel in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and that is Fast Travel.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Fast Travel

This is a very handy feature as most of the locations are very far apart from each other in the game. Of course, Fast Travel in Breakpoint has its limitations as well but they aren’t too bad.

Now in order to unlock fast travel in the game, you need to complete the mission Eagle Down, which will unlock the game’s main hub called Erewhon, and after that, you are free to fast travel. This will allow you to fast travel to basically three places across the game. The bivouac, your teammates, or back to Erewhon. For that you just need to:

  • Go to the menu
  • Select TacMap
  • Now hover over a teammate, a bivouac or Erewhon.
  • Just press and hold the button to fast travel to the selected location.

Now there are some things that you need to keep in mind that fast travel can only work while you are out of combat or stationary (you can’t fast travel to a safe place while falling out of a helicopter without a parachute).

Fast travel does work to get you inside the buildings but it is not very reliable and sometimes will it will spawn you outside instead.

What are Bivouacs and how to unlock them
Bivouacs are the temporary camps spread throughout the map that you can unlock. They are used to fast travel in Breakpoint and also to prepare your gear. To make them available to you, you need to unlock them as collectible intel or run into one while exploring the world on foot.

You can also walk or drive into them or fly over them. You can also use your binoculars to look at them to unlock them. You will be able to spot them very easily as there is a smoke coming out of them all the time. And it will be very easy to spot them in a helicopter.

You can fast travel to any bivouac at any time when you are not in a fight. Just open the map and select the bivouac you want to go to. Just keep in mind that if you are already interacting with one Bivouac you cannot use another.