How to Fast Travel in Death Stranding

Death stranding has a huge map and you will have the job to connect all those leftovers of America to one and other and as a transporter, your basic job is to travel.

You will have to travel a lot to distribution centers of different cities, delivery centers and waystations. Obviously with such a huge world to explore, the developers had to implement a fast travel system in Death Stranding to make it easy for players.

All these places in different cities are going to be hundreds of miles away sometimes and if you are in a hurry you might want some quick way to access those places.

You can travel on foot or use the motorbike, for motorbike you will have to unlock that first and for that see our motorbike guide. If you chose to travel by foor or even by motorbike, the journey will be quite long and difficult and also very time-consuming. You need some quick and easy way to access different places in the game, for that purpose you can use Fast Travel and in this we will show you how to do it.

Fast Travel in Death Stranding

After you arrive at Lake City with Fragile. Fragile is going to be your fellow porter and in Episode 3 at Lake City she will show you her special abilities. You will see her carrying around a very neat umbrella, well that umbrella does protect her from timefall but it does one other special thing. And you will come to know of that when Fragile tells you about it.

This umbrella works as a compass that she uses to travel and teleport to different places quickly. Fragile will leave her umbrella in your private room and you will be able to use its special services.

All you need to do is select the umbrella in the private room and select fast travel to any previous safe house or private room that you have visited or have been created by you or another player. There are some caveats to this ability:

  • Keep in mind that you can only visit the places where you have a private room and you have visited those places before.
  • Using this fast travel ability, you cannot take your cargo with you. If you try to get the cargo, you will be transported to your destination but your cargo will be saved in in your previous location’s private storage.

If you do not remember your last location while fast traveling, you can see map as there will be a box showing your cargo location. Also, depending on the distance between some major cities, like three main Knot cities, it will be preferable to use auto pavers to rebuild the roads.

This will help you boost along the way and you will not have to worry about attackers or motorbike battery. These roads will make your cargo delivery fast as well