How to Fast Travel in Days Gone – Unlocking Fast Travel Points

The latest exclusive from Sony Bend is here, and it’s time to rev our engines and roam the sprawling world of Days Gone. Although it’s often more rewarding to explore lands on your own, sometimes, you might need to rush things in the interest of time. In our Days Gone Guide, we’ll talk about all the pre-requisites you need for unlocking the Fast Travel feature in Days Gone and factors you’ll need to consider for using the feature.

How to Fast Travel in Days Gone

Whether you chose to fast travel or not, the emphasis is placed on using your motorcycle since exploration will often get you useful items and crafting materials.

With that said, you can travel between zones far apart if you’ve already scrounged the areas. The fast travel points in the early portion of the game are limited. These are acquired as a part of completing a mission in the Main Story.

For example, earlier in the game, you can only fast travel back to your home base at O’Leary’s Mountain safehouse. As you gradually explore enemy hideouts and other encampments, you’ll be able to fast travel to these locations.

Although most of these fast travel locations are unlocked organically, others will first require you to first complete a Side Mission associated with the location.

The fast travel falling in the latter category include NERO Checkpoints that are basically trailers that you unlock for the stash.

Once you find one (indicated by a white ‘X’ on the map), feed fuel into the generator and proceed to cut off any alarms or speakers – mostly on the rooftops.

This will ensure no clickers are alerted of your presence. Simply turn the power on to unlock the doors and open the stash to access healing and stamina consumables along with other useful items.

Once you’ve unlocked a NERO Checkpoint, you can fast travel to the location. Some locations will impose a restriction on fast travel points because of Freaker Nests.

This means you need to get rid of the zombie-infested nests in some areas of the map before you can unlock a fast travel point there. Simply destroy the nests with a Molotov and fight off the Freaker Hordes to make it a fast travel point friendly location.

Things to Know about Fast Travel

Fast travel is not really an alternative to your motorcycle since you’ll still be consuming fuel while making those long-distance journeys albeit in an instant.

It’s, for this purpose, you need to have your bike filled otherwise, the game won’t allow you to perform that desired fast travel. You can head to any of the refueling petrol stations for pumping up the resource in your vehicle.

For fuel tank upgrades, try completing tasks for the mechanics at camps. Make sure when you’re fast traveling, you should be on your bike, or at least near it. Being too far away from the bike would render the fast travel option unusable.

As you’d expect, fast travel alters the game’s time setting so you could actually go from dawn to noon if the journey is long enough.

You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby (not a Skyrim meme) so run away from the enemies or take them all out before you can use the feature.

Lastly, while on some Main Story Missions, especially ones that involve escorting or helping an ally, you cannot fast travel to the objective marker.

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