How to Farm Cubic Diodes in Warframe

Warframe’s Latest Update “The Rising Tide” brings in loads of new content including a number of new crafting options and some vehicles too. Among all the new additions are the Cubic Diodes. This will be required to build the new Railjack Cephalon. In this guide, we have all the tips for you on how to farm Cubic Diodes in Warframe.

How to Farm Cubic Diodes in Warframe

In Warframe, there are a few different ways to obtain the Cubic Diodes. For Instance, Eximus will drop the cubic diodes. Eximus units will drop cubic Diodes on Ceres, on the Shipyard tileset. Eximus units are rare, powerful spawns that will have an ability, similar to Warframes.

They can make other units more powerful, spawn shields or fire blasts, and will have increased health and damage compared to standard enemies.

One of the best ways to find Eximus units on Ceres is by taking part in an endless mission. As these missions get into the later waves, around 15+, Eximus units will spawn more often.

Defense missions are also a good place, as later rotations will generate more Eximus units. You can find these missions at Seimeni and Casta.

In Ceres, you can also farm some cubic diodes from Kuva Lich. It will be good to run the mission on them as Eximus will be more common in these missions.

The Eximus Units drop 5-10 cubic diodes each upon death. Resource Boosters will give increased drop rates for these resources. So if you happened to get one on the daily login, go ahead and focus on farming them while it’s active.

Cubic Diode Farming will become very easier if you take the right frames. Having a Despoil Nekros + Pilfering Hydroid can boost the drops by a lot.

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