How to Evolve in Digimon ReArise

Check out our guide to learn how to evolve your Digimon in Digimon ReArise to increase their base stats, increase bond level and more

If you want to reach further stages in the Digivolution chain, you will need to Digivolve. In this guide, we will teach you how you can evolve your Digimon in Digimon ReArise to get access to new abilities and skills.

How to Evolve in Digimon ReArise

Evolving, or as it is known in the Digimon universe, Digivolution will allow your Digimon to reach a higher stage in the Digivolution Chain, their max levels will get increased, their bond levels will also rise, their base stats will get increased, their skill stats will get higher, and their main skill also changes. To evolve your Digimon, do the following steps:

  • Head to the Digiscreen or the Home Screen, tap the train option at the bottom of the menu.
  • Once you’re there, tap on Digivolve and then select the Digimon that you want to Digivole.
  • You will have to gather the required DGV-Codes from Clash Battles. Once you have those, go ahead and tap the Digivolve button.

You will have to first Awaken your Digimon to get the Digivolution performed, and your Digimon will also have to reach the max level.

Make sure that your Digimon meets the bond requirement. You can increase the bond level by feeding your Digimon food in your lobby after you’ve added your Digimon to Digicare.

You will require bits, and DGV-Codes to perform Digivolution.

Train your Digimon
You will need to power up your Digimon over a long process during the course of the game.

Start by leveling up your Digimon, you will have to do this by spending bits, which is the main currency of the game.

Digimon do not usually level up from battles, you will need to manually upgrade them here till they’re maxed out.

After this, consider having your Digimon workout via the Workout or Awakening section. Each Digimon will have six slots for workout, while you will need workout chips to fill each slot up.

Once you’ve maxed out the level of your Digimon after slotting all of their workout chips in, you will have the option to Awaken your Digimon, which will allow your Digimon to have permanently increased stats.

You can also upgrade their skills so that the power of your Digimon increases. For this, you will need another copy of your Digimon that you want to improve.

The copy will need to have the same personality and the evolution chain, or you can use a Skill Stone but you won’t easily come across one of those.

Also, if you possess the right DGV-Codes, and your Digimon’s bond and level are maxed out, you can do a Digivolve. This will get your Digimon to evolve into a new form, allowing them to have an enormous stat boost.

You can obtain DGV-Codes from Clash Battles. Clash Battles are raid battles in which you are allowed to team up with other Tamers to put down strong Digimon.

You can start your own Clash Battle, or find an ongoing one. Here, you can help other Tamers, which will get you support points.

Check your rewards to see if the codes that you required are available.

Fighting different types of Digimon will give you distinct DGV-Codes. Here is the list of DGV-Codes that you can get from Clash Battles.

  • Wind DGV-Code
  • Electric DGV-Code
  • Void DGV-Code
  • Fire DGV-Code
  • Water DGV-Code
  • Plant DGV-Code
  • Earth DGV-Code
  • Holy DGV-Code
  • Dark DGV-Code

While Super DGV-Codes are special codes that you can get from missions.

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